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Our History


The History of Ryan’s Place

Restaurant and Bakery

“Who is Ryan?” Ryan is the son of Bob and Stella Rose. This married couple started this restaurant in 1986. Although, it may seem easy to start up your own restaurant, allow me to tell you how Bob and Stella Rose got here.

Bob began his restaurant carrier in 1966 with the progressive concept Sambos. He opted into a deal where he invested some of his own money to train to become a top performing General Managing Partner. Bob being a very detail orientated man, chose to stay in training longer than most trainees. He knew the heart of this business started in the back of the house with the prep cook area. After he felt confident, he moved himself up on the the cooks line and soon enough to the front of the house.

His determined personality and attention to detail moved him up the ranks quickly; however, don’t think he didn’t have to work hard to get there. He made it up into the higher ranks by constantly proving a great food cost, customer satisfaction and dollars to the bottom line. Within 5 years he became the Territory Director for Sambos Restaurants Inc. and moved to Jackson, Mississippi. There he managed 4 States and built the Sambos brand.

Subsequently, he was hired by Dave Nancarrow of Carrow’s Restaurants. Dave saw Bob’s drive and potential, and offered him the role of Director of Operations to soon become the COO.

After having built and supported two restaurant chains, Bob was ready to start his own. He and Stella took their savings and moved their business up to Los Banos, Ca. over 30 years ago now. Since opening Los Banos, Bob and Stella have built many Ryan’s Place Restaurants; most succeeded, a one failed and two still exist today.

“Why only two?” Our communities love us. We love them. Our guests are our family, and know that our kitchen, is their kitchen. We Pride ourselves on the Quality of food, our slogan is “Homemade is our Specialty” and this is the truth. We make everything from scratch and we buy the best meat, fish and produce for your family.

Bob and Stella welcome you into their home here at Ryan’s Place. Come and enjoy some great food, wonderful people and excellent customer service.

Warmest regards,

The Ryan’s Place Team

Our Standard: Excellent Food, Excellent Service and your Home Away from Home

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